The Duluth Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP)

The Duluth Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) is Ecolibrium3’s flagship program. DEEP provides home energy analyses to gauge the efficiency of homes and additional programs designed to improve energy efficiency for low-income and vulnerable families.

Call (218) 336-1038 to learn more or sign up for a DEEP program.

Home Energy Assessments

Ecolibrium3 employs a Building Performance Institute certified auditor who will assess the energy use of your home. We offer two types of audits:

1) Home Energy Analysis (HEA) FREE to all MN Power and Comfort Systems customers. Request an HEA (Be sure to select Ecolibrium3 as your vendor.)

2) Advanced Home Energy Analysis (AHEA), which includes blower door testing and infrared imaging.

Both assessments come with a report of recommended improvements and energy savings, plus free direct installation of energy efficient LED lightbulbs, faucet aerators, and showerheads.

Rental Energy Upgrade Pilot (REUP) Program

The REUP Program is a joint program offered by ComfortSystems, Minnesota Power, and Ecolibrium3 designed to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of rental properties through weatherization and updates to appliances. Properties occupied by income-qualified tenants are eligible for significant grant funding to support upgrades to insulation and natural gas heating systems, in compliance with MN Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code.

Giving Comfort @ Home

Giving Comfort @ Home (GC@H) is a program designed for at-risk or vulnerable homeowners who wish to make energy improvements but may not qualify for assistance and are unable to complete the work themselves. Ecolibrium3 will work with the homeowner and volunteers to make energy-saving repairs through air-sealing, insulation, and weatherization.

4U2 Program

Ecolibrium3 partnered with Minnesota Energy Resources to offer an energy efficiency program to eligible manufactured home residents of the Zenith Terrace Community. On average, manufactured homeowners pay double per square foot and a more substantial percentage of their income on their energy bills compared to other homeowners.

The 4U2 program helps income-eligible residents make energy-efficiency upgrades that save money and improve the comfort and safety of their homes. We conduct home energy analyses, make weatherization improvements, and coordinate contractors for repairs to old and inefficient furnaces, water-heaters, and insulation. Ecolibrium3 is looking to expand this program to other manufactured home communities.