Emerald Ash Borer Information Packet

A Novel Solution for a Disastrous Situation

Purpose of this report: There is an urgent need for State support to help protect our incredibly valuable community forests from the impending devastation caused by the terrestrial invasive, the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This report provides a synopsis of the EAB problem and how a landscape or regional-based management approach is best for the environment and most cost effective. It also provides key facts about tree benefits, a description of a proposed statewide program to manage the infestation, and a listing of the actions the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee (MnSTAC) is taking to battle the infestation. Finally, it includes numerous references to supplemental information and two attachments.

The report can be read online by using the page navigator in the lower left corner of the following document. For more information, please check out the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Committee website.