Ecolibrium3’s Big Water Resilience Corps Now Hiring!

The Big Water Resilience Corps consists of 8 VISTA members who will begin a year of service at the end of July. The cohort of members will gain valuable skills while building resilience in the Duluth community. Each member will expand anti-poverty programs through building capacity at their participating site.

To be eligible for a VISTA position, you must be over 18 years old, be a US Citizen, US National, or Lawful Permanent Resident Alien. Additional legal residency classifications may qualify, please check with program manager.

Positions Available – Apply by May 15, 2017

Click each link below to see the position description and apply online or send resume and cover letter to jodi@ecolibrium3.org.


 E3.17 City of Duluth Planning Technician

Be at the heart of a city’s future by integrating Imagine Duluth 2035’s process into real policy & action. Build equity & health by influencing how a city does its work to help the most vulnerable.


E3.17 Comfort Systems Energy Conservation Technician

Challenging work creating & implementing heating conservation programs for a small municipal utility. Create synergy between community groups and a city utility to fight energy poverty!


E3.17 Comfort Systems Water Conservation Technician

Help protect 10% of the world’s fresh water while aiding people experiencing poverty by establishing an effective city-wide water conservation program for Duluth, MN.


E3.17 Giving Comfort At Home Energy Specialist

Detective wanted! Interpret home & community clues. Find the root causes & develop solutions to energy poverty. Help people keep warm & safe, improve their health, & keep their homes.


E3.17 Lincoln Park Food Systems Development Coordinator

Like in the fabled Stone Soup, everybody bringing a little creates amazing opportunities. Be the chef of an innovative neighborhood food partnership in Lincoln Park.


E3.17 Lincoln Park Leadership Development Coordinator

In Lincoln Park, we are #craftingsomethinggreat– be a part of the energy by crafting a leadership program that gives residents a strong voice to revitalize their neighborhood!


E3.17 LP Children and Families Outreach/Policy

Protecting a community from sharknados isn’t as impactful as assisting young families and neighborhoods thrive. Help LPCFC grow child and family-centered programs in health, nutrition, and culture.


E3.17 Zeitgeist Creative & Healthy Community Building

Help build program, volunteer, and communications capacity with an arts and community development organization addressing equity, the environment, food and transportation.

Build your leadership skills and expand your network, while earning the following:

  • $455 biweekly living allowance

  • $5,815 education award or end-of-service $1,500 cash stipend

  • Non-competitive eligibility status for federal positions for 1-year. Year counts toward benefits if hired by federal agency.

  • Potential child care, health, & relocation.

  • Training begins July 25-28 with a full year commitment from July 29, 2017-July 28, 2018

  • Join over 1 million that have served in these national positions while making a difference in our community!