Energy Audit Request

We provide free or advanced home energy audits to analyze a home’s energy use and potential savings. Services provided in Home Energy Audits include:

Home Energy Audit (HEA)

  • Home energy system analysis, including heating system, water system, and insulation
  • Audit report with recommended improvements and potential savings
  • Installation of energy-efficient products, like LED lightbulbs and water-saving devices
  • FREE to all ComfortSystems and Minnesota Power customers

Advanced Home Energy Audit (AHEA)

  • All the services of a Home Energy Audit, plus:
  • Infrared imaging to review insulation and air sealing
  • Blower-door test to analyze energy leaks
  • FREE for those who meet these income guidelines; $75 out-of-pocket cost for all others after rebates from ComfortSystems and Minnesota Power
  • Those who meet income guidelines are also eligible for FREE weatherization and air-sealing services

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  • We analyze your electrical data using your account number, with all data kept secure and confidential.

Annual Income Guidelines to Qualify for Free Advanced Home Energy Audit

Family SizeLow-Income
(80% of the Median
Family Income)