Giving Comfort at Home

Ecolibrium3 offers free weatherization and air-sealing services to low-income and vulnerable families who face Energy Poverty and are unable to make improvements themselves.

What is Energy Poverty?

Many of our neighbors in Duluth are living in energy poverty*. Deciding whether to “heat or eat” happens too often with our long winters and old housing stock. Giving Comfort At Home is a program specifically designed for income-eligible, elderly, disabled and/or veteran homeowners who wish to make energy improvements, but may not income qualify for either assistance or loans.

Work done at our pilot home for Giving Comfort At Home gets a thumbs up for air sealing!

Work done at our pilot home for Giving Comfort At Home gets a thumbs up for air sealing!

How does it work?

Ecolibrium3’s DEEP program auditor will first complete an Advanced Home Energy Analysis (AHEA) to determine top priority improvements. If the homeowner does not qualify for assistance or loans, Ecolibrium3 will work with the homeowner, institutional partners, and community volunteers to prioritize and make energy saving repairs. The improvements may be done by Ecolibrium3 staff, volunteers, and the homeowner as abilities allow. Repair work may also include volunteers gaining education and hands on instruction they will use in their own homes. Giving Comfort At home recipient home owners may also participate by completing energy projects on their own with provided materials.


If you or someone you know could benefit from the Giving Comfort At Home program, OR if you would like to volunteer on a Giving Comfort At Home project, please contact Ecolibrium3 at 218 | 336 – 1038 or via email here.


 *A household is said to be in energy poverty when its members cannot afford to keep adequately warm at reasonable cost, given their income. In our area, if the total cost of utilities exceeds 6% of the household income, the household is considered to be in energy poverty.  In St. Louis County, our 6,086 households that make less than 50% of the Federal Poverty Level have an average energy burden of 41% (2012-2013 heating season).


Partial funding for this project was provided by Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs). Learn more about CERTs at

Start up funding for the Giving Comfort At Home program was provided by the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.