AmeriCorps is a framework of national programs designed to affect change at the local level. Tens of thousands of AmeriCorps members serve each year- impacting hundreds of thousands of lives. Because AmeriCorps volunteers receive a below poverty-level living stipend, finding affordable housing in Duluth’s current environment is extremely difficult for those who want to commit to a year of community service.
The AmeriCorps Legacy Building seeks to rewrite that narrative and attract volunteers of the highest caliber to serve in Duluth.This will be accomplished through the redevelopment of a vacant and condemned property, by the inaugural Big Water Resilience Corps VISTA cohort, into a single-family cooperative home which will provide a permanently affordable housing option for a small group of service members each year. Embedded within Duluth’s low-income Lincoln Park neighborhood, the home will become a bastion of community engagement. The AmeriCorps Legacy Building redevelopment will be undertaken in such a way as to create a model framework which can be replicated easily as a prospective solution for other communities facing similar housing challenges. Help us support those that support us!