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March All VISTA Meeting

Thursday, March 14th, 9:00 – 11:00 AM
Eco3 Office – 2014 W 3rd St.

This month we will be recognizing cohort members and their achievements in a fun activity and learning about Self Determination Theory. For our activity, please fill out this form by Monday the 11th so I can prepare materials ahead of time. Please arrive early to grab coffee/snacks and settle in so we are able to begin on time.

February Professional Development Training Due

Bi-monthly online training was due at the end of February. If you have not completed your professional development training for the month of February, please complete it as soon as possible. Remember, you must complete and report three self-selected trainings.

Happy AmeriCorps Week!

AmeriCorps week 2024 is March 10-16th. During AmeriCorps week we recognize the commitment of our members who have chosen to serve our community. During the week we will have a couple of events to celebrate:

Game Night
Tuesday, March 12, 7:00 PM
Wild State Cider – 2515 W Superior St
The Northland AmeriCorps Collective (NAC) is hosting a Game Night at Wild State. Join Eco3 VISTAs and AmeriCorps Members from other programs in our community for drinks and fun games! Free drink tokens may be included, TBD. Wild State offers non-alcoholic beverages and snacks in addition to its amazing ciders.

Mayoral Proclamation
Wednesday, March 13, 11:00 – 11:45 AM
Community Action Duluth – 2424 W 5th St
Join the Northland AmeriCorps Collaborative and the City of Duluth in honoring AmeriCorps members across our community. We will be meeting at Community Action Duluth for this event. We encourage all Members to join us to represent our program.

Free Yoga Class
Wednesday, March 13, 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Eco3 Office – 2014 W 3rd St
Join us for a free yoga class provided by Natalie from Happy Place Yoga. Please bring your own mat and desired props. If you have extras and can share with others that would be very helpful as well, supplies and props are limited. 

Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, March 16, 11:00 AM
Around Duluth
Join us for a fun afternoon with other AmeriCorps members exploring Duluth by following clues and riddles to find interesting locations in our area! All clues will be distributed via text and are located within a seven-mile radius of the Lincoln Park Craft District. Register with your team (max 4, must fit in one vehicle) before March 15th! More information and the link for registration are available here. 

AmeriCorps Webinar: Translating VISTA Service to Life After AmeriCorps

No matter where you are in your term of AmeriCorps VISTA service, preparing for future opportunities is a great way to continue your career in national service. This webinar will discuss translating your AmeriCorps VISTA skills, experiences, and responsibilities to a potential employer in your desired field. During the webinar, we will practice describing your AmeriCorps VISTA service on a résumé and discuss tips for structuring your post service job search. Register here.

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