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Outside Employment Request

To request outside employment, members must review the AmeriCorps policy and submit the request form. The form will then be sent to the member’s supervisor for approval or rejection. Eco3 suggests that members discuss the request with their supervisor prior to submitting the form, so it is not a surprise and any issues can be resolved before submission. Any change in employer, or employment assumptions that were originally submitted,  will require a subsequent form.

Outside Employment
As a member, you are expected to honor your commitment to serve on a full-time
basis for one year. While members are allowed to seek and secure outside part-time
employment, it must not conflict with the member’s service or service hours as
assigned by the sponsor.
Members must remain available for service at all times during the member’s term of
service, except for periods of approved leave. As a result, you may not be absent from
the project without approval from the sponsoring organization or supervisor.

If you take outside employment while serving as a member, you are not permitted to
be an employee of or contractor for the sponsor or sub-site to which you are assigned
to serve. While in service, you may only accept outside employment for positions that
          • Legal;
          • Part-time;
          • Do not conflict with your service or service hours;
          • Do not violate any applicable Federal, state, or local laws and regulations;
          • Do not conflict with any AmeriCorps VISTA program requirements or policies;
          • Approved by supervisor.

Before accepting such outside employment, you must obtain the approval of your
supervisor. If you are already working in a part-time position, you must immediately
obtain the approval of your supervisor to continue to do so. To approve your outside
employment, your supervisor must ensure there is no conflict between the
employment and your service or service hours. Accepting outside employment
without prior authorization from your supervisor is cause for termination.
To obtain supervisor approval before accepting outside employment, please complete
and submit the Outside Employment Request Form to your supervisor.

Additionally, individuals may not enroll in another AmeriCorps program while
serving with AmeriCorps VISTA. Concurrent enrollment in another program
(AmeriCorps NCCC, AmeriCorps State/National, etc.) is not permitted.