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Eco3 VISTA members have the opportunity to participate in trainings and professional development throughout service to build skills and gain knowledge. Outlined below is the Eco3 VISTA Program training plan, and training modules to facilitate growth during service.

Training Plan
There are five training periods during the course of service that include one-on-one meetings with your VISTA Leader, attendance at All VISTA Meetings (AVMs), and self-directed training.

During each training period, members should complete one training from each of the three options (3 trainings total per training period). Members can complete the trainings at their own pace and self-select training options that best fit their interest and needs of their position during service.

All trainings and professional development opportunities should be recorded using the tracking system below.

Select one training below to complete per training period.

View list of recommended webinars listed below or explore additional options at VISTA Member Webinars 

Member Benefits


Getting Outdoors With Your Segal Education Award

Getting To Know The Federal Hiring Process and Your Non Competitive Eligibility Benefit 

Managing Student Loans

Stories from Service Living Allowance

Applying for Federal Jobs Using NCE

Considering Your Career Options VISTA Benefits and Taxes Just the Basics

Using Your Ed Award Managing Student Loans 

End-of-Service Transition: Preparing for Life After AmeriCorps VISTA



Applying Decision Making Insights to Strengthen Anti Poverty Efforts

In Their Shoes: Perspectives on Spending Decisions Made by Americans Living in Poverty

Poverty and the U.S. Safety Net 

Behaviorial Economics and Financial Decision Making 

Understanding Poverty Choices as Behavioral Economics 

Fighting Poverty There’s an App for That! – Webinar

The Intersection of Poverty, Race, and Health 

Alternative Lenses: Poverty Beyond the Official Measure 

At Home In Your Community 


Resource Development

Generating in kind contributions for your organization 2017

Writing a Winning Grant Proposal

Strategizing Your Funding Search

Demystifying Stakeholder Engagement

High Impact Volunteer Recruitment

Creating Group Volunteer Opportunities that Engage and Inspire

Creating an Effective Online Fundraising Strategy

Better together Organizational Partnerships and Collaboration

Innovative Volunteer Recruitment

Creating Volunteer Positions that Appeal and Engage

Researching Grants

Sustaining Volunteer Involvement


Professional Development

Assertive Communication that Establishes Your Credibility Q & A Mental Health, Stress and Resilience Building your Professional Network for Service and Career Navigating Your Year of Service

Starting off Right: Professional Workplace Success Planning a Productive Meeting

Plan Your Professional Development: 8/31/2017

Translating VISTA Service to Resume and Career

Strategies For Focusing Your Career Search

Making Everything You Do Sustainable 

Accomplishing Your VISTA Assignment

Exploring Implicit Bias and Perception During Your Service Year

Avoiding Burnout During Service

Time Management

Writing with Purpose, Precision, and Pizazz

Resume Writing: How Your Service Experience Can Land You a Job

Project Development

5 Steps to Assessing Community Needs Building a Digital Ad Campaign

Creating High Impact Images for Better Outreach

Creating an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning a Social Media Campaign for Your Project

Using Project management Techniques in Your VISTA Assignment 

Beyond VISTA: Project Sustainability Approaches and Strategies

Building Sustainability Into a Volunteer Program

Networking In Your Community

Mapping and Mobilizing Assets in Your Community

Say It Like You Mean It: Communicating About VISTA

More details to come!

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