Apply by June 15, 2019 to join the Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps!

Positions may be filled in advance of the deadline. Apply early!

Community Learning Advocate VISTA

Duluth Children's Museum


The Duluth Children’s Museum believes that children need free play time to discover new things about themselves and the world around them.  Their exhibits are designed with little instruction to give kids the freedom to find their own solutions. Programs and exhibits provide opportunities for children to try out their passions, to test their own abilities, and to explore new topics. Spaces are designed to encourage imaginations- dress up, pretend, invent stories and songs. There are no limits to how you play! As fun as  The Duluth Children’s Museum makes learning, they know they are in a serious business.  In Duluth, there is an opportunity gap experienced by families with lower incomes. This opportunity gap can often result in loss of learning during school breaks, placing children further behind others that have more resources.


City Planning VISTA

City of Duluth

As a member of the City of Duluth Community Planning team, build capacity, efficiency, and transparency. The VISTA member will develop a framework for analysis of the success of the Imagine Duluth 2035 Comprehensive Plan policies and work with Duluth’s planning team to implement the plan.  The VISTA member will gain experience working at a local government level to expand equity, develop a plan to review fairness in policies by engaging different community members, collect and interpret field data, participate in program activities and grant development, and coordinate with external partners. In this visible role, influence how a community addresses housing, economic development, health, open spaces, and energy.

Community Disaster Resiliency VISTA

Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation


The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation is a member of the 10-state Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Partnership. Through this partnership, the Community Foundation has convened community leaders across multiple sectors with the goal of building capacity to mitigate the impact of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Focus is particularly on increasing the disaster resilience of community members experiencing poverty, homelessness, mental and physical disabilities, and language barriers. This group of community leaders is forming a network with the goal of increasing disaster resilience.  Ecolibrium3’s VISTA member will build the capacity of this network and further its goal by strengthening and establishing whole-community systems and partnerships.


Sustaining Community Coordinator VISTA

Damiano Center

The Damiano Center is the largest emergency meal provider in Northeastern Minnesota and has the only free store in Duluth. We also offer children’s programming, a clothing program specifically for people seeking employment, and we provide referrals and other basic assistance to those struggling in our region. The VISTA will increase our ability to serve those in need and help lift them out of poverty by expanding our volunteer programs and improving the visibility of our multiple programs. The VISTA member will have a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with partner agencies in order meet community needs as well as provide opportunities for volunteers, community members, donors, and guests to interact and experience community together. Programs that will be supported by the VISTA member’s capacity building include the Damiano Community Kitchen, Community Service, Kids’ Kitchen (reduces childhood hunger by providing nutritious meals, nutrition education and a fun and nurturing place for kids after school and during the summer), Clothing Programs, and youth job training, and addiction support.

Food Sovereignty VISTA

Fond du Lac Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa


The Fond du Lac Reservation is located next to Cloquet, MN just 20 miles southwest of the city of Duluth. The Treaty of 1854 between the United States Government and the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa established the Reservation, comprised of 101,400 acres. The government is overseen by the Reservation Business Committee, comprised of five popularly elected officials. The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has over 40 programs including, but not limited to, a K-12 School, Head Start and Early Head Start, Human Services and Social Services, Resource Management and Transportation. In addition to full government services, the Band also runs enterprises such as a Gas Station, two Casinos and Propane Company. The Ecolibrium3 Resilience Corps member will work to build capacity with the Band’s Planning Division and collaboratively create a new Agricultural Department for the Fond du Lac Band. The member will lead evaluation of food sovereignty efforts.


Children and Families Outreach/Policy VISTA

Lincoln Park Children and Families Collaborative


Increase and deepen partnerships with organizations and volunteers to improve health and social connectedness among young families. Develop a sustainable funding plan for LPCFC that will continue to advance child and family-centered programs in health, nutrition, and culture at a neighborhood-level. Key responsibilities include: 1. Recruiting, training, orienting, and placing volunteers within LPCFC programs. 2. Assisting with development of evaluation tools for assessing the success of the volunteer efforts, 3. Becoming familiar with LPCFC’s programs, activities, and priorities and how resources can support them, 4. Developing, recording, and institutionalizing policies and procedures, and 5. Expanding and developing key partnerships to advance LPCFC mission to address health, food access, and anti-poverty issues.

Garden Education and Volunteer Specialist VISTA

Duluth Community Garden Program

The Duluth Community Garden Program strives to cultivate healthy neighborhoods by providing access to land, resources, and community. DCGP manages 20 gardens (255 rentable plots), with the goal of building a garden within every 10 blocks. Garden plots are available on a sliding scale basis, to ensure that food growing and resources are accessible to all regardless of income. DCGP provides educational resources and community building to its gardeners and members. The DCGP VISTA, will create a more sustainable organization through agency capacity building and creating organizational infrastructure to provide opportunities for healthy futures to low-income Duluthians. This will include developing and implementing a robust volunteer program, creating an effective and evaluated educational program for gardeners, and developing plans to secure funding for these programs. 

Creative and Healthy Community Building VISTA

Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community

The Zeitgeist Center for Arts & Community is an arts and community development organization working to build a healthy, connected community empowered to create and thrive. We bring the arts and culture to all of our programs and projects, as well as a commitment to the natural environment and to building equity in our community. Much of our current work is dedicated to advancing access to fresh and healthy food, expanding equitable multi-modal transportation, and creating cultural and artistic opportunities through the facilitation of the Zeitgeist Arts Building – a community building designed to produce and present performance art and independent film. We are seeking a candidate who is passionate about creative community development. This person should be flexible in the type of work they will be participating in. The work will include building capacity with our Executive Director, as well as work to enhance our ability to tell the full Zeitgeist story through communications and programming in partnership with the Communications & Creative Director. The member will lead evaluation of current community volunteer efforts and build systems to make our work more powerful. Successful candidates will be comfortable in an office environment collaboratively working in a shared space. They will have basic computer skills and some experience writing reports or papers. They will be willing to work with volunteers, make recruitment calls, and interact with community members in a direct way. They will be self-motivated and able to work independently. The expected work hours are generally Mon-Fri during the day, but there is flexibility to accommodate needs and there will be some nights and weekends. Ultimately, this experience will offer an opportunity to see multiple perspectives within a non-profit that does diverse and multifaceted work. This position will explore program development, communications capacity, volunteer recruitment, and organizational & program evaluation.

Meet Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps Members

City Planning VISTA

Mollie Hinderaker is serving with the City of Duluth’s Planning and Economic Development Department. Originally from Minneapolis, Mollie studied Architecture and Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. However, it didn’t take long for Mollie to become a converted Duluthian. Mollie has enjoyed the variety of trails and watercolor painting opportunities since moving to Duluth. With past experience in public service at the State and County level, Mollie has appreciated the opportunity to engage community members on local issues and carry out projects for the City’s newly adopted Comprehensive Plan. So far in her service, Mollie has worked […]

2018-2019 Community Energy Program VISTA

Lucas Giese is serving as the Community Energy Program Developer at Ecolibrium3, working on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that especially focus on low-income and vulnerable people. Originally from Eau Claire, WI, Lucas studied at St. John’s University where he received a degree in Political Science, with a focus on climate policy and philosophy. After spending a year teaching English in India and Sri Lanka, Lucas moved to Duluth to continue to work at the intersection of environmental issues and social justice. 

2018-2019 Childrens’ Museum Community Learning Advocate VISTA

Paul Schulzetenberg is the Duluth Children’s Museum Community Learning Advocate VISTA. He graduated from The College of St. Scholastica, earning degrees in Biology and Philosophy. After graduating, Paul has been serving though AmeriCorps at a variety of locations around Duluth, including the Duluth Children’s Museum, Laura MacArthur Elementary School, and Hartley Nature Center. As an Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps member, Paul is working with the Duluth Children’s Museum to develop strategies and programs to enhance the Museum’s capacity to serve families in need. This entails establishing a dialogue between families and community agencies in the Lincoln Park area in order to […]

2018-2019 Garden Education and Volunteer Specialist VISTA

Maris Dishno is serving as the Garden Education and Volunteer Specialist at the Duluth Community Gardens Program. Maris is a proud Wisconsinite and graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point with a degree in Political Science and minors in Environmental Geography and Spanish. After graduation, she moved to Albany, NY to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Schenectady County Center for Juvenile Justice. Maris found her passion in helping others by following her life motto: making a difference in the world one life at a time. At a young age, she discovered this desire in helping others when she […]

2018-2019 Community Disaster Resiliency VISTA

Devin Low is serving in the Community Disaster Resiliency VISTA position with the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation. He is a recent graduate of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. Devin’s interest in disaster resiliency came from classes he took on Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and atmospheric science classes during his time in Lowell. As an Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps member, Devin has focused on making sure that vulnerable people in the Duluth community have access to the resources that they need for disaster response and recovery. He has been building a new READY North Network of agencies […]

2018-2019 Fond du Lac Reservation Food Sovereignty VISTA

Ellen Friedrich is serving as an Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps member working with food sovereignty at the Fond du Lac Reservation. Ellen is a native of Northeast Iowa. She has degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from Iowa State University and a passion for conservation, cultural diversity, human rights, and the environment. She recently spent a year in Madagascar as a teacher and farmhand at an agricultural school designed to enable aspiring farmers to be able to meet nutritional needs, improve their economic standing, and care for their land. Ellen can frequently be found hiking, exploring, and pouring over books. Ellen […]