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Ecolibrium3’s mission is to lead and inspire change in our community toward an equitable and sustainable future. We accomplish our mission through renewable energy and efficiency programs, revitalization leadership in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and capacity building on community anti-poverty programs through the Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps. Our work has been nationally recognized for effectiveness and impact.

Lincoln Park Solar Garden

Ecolibrium3’s Featured Project

Ecolibrium3 is developing a 40 kW solar array at the northeastern entrance to Lincoln Park, which will benefit the Duluth Veterans’ Place and seed an Emergency Energy Fund to help families struggling to pay their utility bills.

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AmeriCorps VISTA Positions Available NOW!

Ecolibrium3 developed an AmeriCorps VISTA program to assist local organizations in their anti-poverty approaches. VISTA members build capacity of local organizations to address community challenges like housing, educational equity, access to healthy food, neighborhood revitalization, energy poverty, opioid addiction, and disaster preparedness.

Position Highlight: Duluth Community Equity and Economic Opportunity VISTA

Accepting Applications through June 19th!

Duluth is experiencing a workforce shortage. For example in 2018 there were about 1700 more jobs than workers available to fill them. At the same time, unemployment for African Americans and Native Americans in Duluth remained high – 23% for African Americans and 13% for Native Americans, as opposed to just under 3% for the population as a whole. Poverty rates are similarly high for these two groups, and despite a range of efforts over the last decade these disparities have not changed.

Ecolibrium3 is a nonprofit that works at the intersection of Energy, Equity, and Economic Vitality. This AmeriCorps position will work with Ecolibrium3, the City of Duluth, and nonprofit partners to build community capacity to reduce these disparities by expanding partnerships, researching best practices, and developing a strategic approach to change.

The VISTA member will create a new outreach program to local employers, develop a framework for understanding employment barriers experienced by people of color, and work to develop a multi-stakeholder action plan to address employment, entrepreneurial, and economic disparities. People of color encouraged to apply.

Ecolibrium3 Releases Solar Map of All Duluth Rooftops

In partnership with the US Department of Energy’s Solar Market Pathways program, St. Louis County, the City of Duluth, the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Geospatial Analysis Center, and the National Renewable Energy Lab, Ecolibrium3 has released an interactive map of over 60,000 buildings in the City of Duluth. The Duluth Shines! Solar Map allows residents and businesses to see how much rooftop solar energy could be produced on their buildings. The map works with a MN DNR calculator that demonstrates solar installation costs, energy generated, incentives available, and return on investment. Ecolibrium3 can assist you on using this tool for a free solar assessment. Call 218-336-1038 or click the map.

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