Building Climate-Ready Communities

Climate change is bringing more intense storms, rain events and floods to our area. After leading the rebuild and recovery work for the flood of 2012, we know that people who are poor and vulnerable are often hit hardest. That’s why we’re developing innovative solutions that help our whole community—especially our most vulnerable members—increase their resiliency to the impacts of climate change.

How this work is making change:

Our collaboration with experts across the region helps bring the latest thinking in climate readiness to our community. We are improving food and water security, making houses more able to weather storms, supporting the development of renewable and local power, and more. These efforts help make our community stronger and more resilient, step-by-step.

Ways to support this work:

  • Donate to support our efforts to build a climate-ready community.
  • Share your ideas. Contact us.

Latest Updates

Join Us in Creating a Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan
Join Us in Creating a Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan

From 2017 to 2018, Ecolibrium3 and its local partners led efforts to make climate action a key part of Duluth’s Imagine 2035 comprehensive plan update process. Our efforts were successful, resulting…

Duluth Disaster Resiliency Website Launches
Duluth Disaster Resiliency Website Launches

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