Making Homes More Energy-Efficient

All community members should have the ability to live in energy-efficient and healthy homes. We make this possible in multiple ways:

Free Home Energy Audits

Understanding your home’s energy use will allow you to maximize savings. We provide free or advanced home energy audits.

Free Utility Bill Counseling

Take full advantage of community resources to save you money on your utility and energy bills. We can help you navigate options.

Home Energy Upgrades

Qualify for free weatherization and air-sealing services to increase your home’s comfort and save you even more money.

Solar Power

The Lincoln Park Solar Garden, completed in 2020, is Duluth’s first, community-owned, low-income solar project. 

New Construction Audits

We provide advanced home energy audits that can be used to meet Minnesota residential code requirements.

Rental Energy Upgrades

We make energy-efficiency improvements to Duluth rental properties with ComfortSystems and Minnesota Power.​

How these Programs are Making Change:

Everyone in our community should be able to live in an energy-efficient home. Our programs offer energy efficiency services to all customers of Minnesota Power and Comfort Systems in Duluth, but give special assistance to households that cannot afford to keep their homes adequately warm at a reasonable cost. In our area, households that pay more than 6% of household income on energy utilities are considered to be in energy poverty. In St. Louis County, households that earn less than 50% of the Federal Poverty Level have an average energy burden of 41%. Our programs help these households make significant reductions in their energy costs.

Interested in Volunteering?

Your generosity will help our community thrive, in Lincoln Park and beyond. Sign up to volunteer to help provide weatherization assistance to low-income, elderly, disabled, and/or veteran homeowners. We’ll reach out to you when an opportunity arises! Vibrant small businesses, healthy residents, and green energy are good for all.

Have questions about our energy programs? Email us at or call our office at 218-336-1038.

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