A Big Welcome to Our 10 New VISTA Members!

Our VISTA Program is expanding and we are so excited to welcome ten new VISTA members to the team! Two members will be serving for one year with Eco3, and eight will be serving over the summer—four with Yes Network and four at the Eco3 Farm.

As we move into the summer we welcome our four new summer VISTAs serving at the Eco3 urban farm, located in the heart of Duluth: Cody Holubeck, Sami Awwad, Ryan Figueroa, and Bailey Soma. We are so grateful for their service this summer! These four will be helping to create food security for low-income community members. They will nurture and care for the gardens and help expand our farm for future growing, education, and economic development. They will also work at the Eco3 Resiliency Hub, connecting with community partners to support our core programs.

We are also excited to welcome four summer VISTAs serving at the Lakes Area Yes Network in Detroit Lakes, MN. These VISTAs include Devyn Ullyott, Jack Warren, Megan Wilke, and Rebecca Leier. We are so happy they are joining us this summer and thank them for their service! The Yes Network is dedicated to creating vibrant, loving, prosperous neighborhoods through their support of children and families in the places they call home. Our new summer VISTAs will build the capacity of the Yes Network to provide food for children in low-income neighborhoods and bring children together for meals, organize outdoor games, create and provide enrichment activities, utilize art, music, and youth leadership development.

Two annual VISTAs also began their service in June. Audrey Aouga is serving with the Family Freedom Center, which empowers the Black community by reconstructing cultural and socio-economic narratives and explores alternative means of education while providing resources that bridge the gap between community and students. Audrey’s work will be instrumental in re-evaluating, creating, and re-booting the Family Freedom Center’s online platform. The Center’s goal and vision is to create an interactive platform that allows members, in a user-friendly manner, to receive information about various opportunities as well as local updates and services.

Our other annual VISTA, Lin James, is serving as a VISTA Leader with Ecolibrium3. The VISTA Leader position helps build the capacity of the Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps members and community project sites by helping to build member skills and facilitate members’ professional and personal growth.

The Eco3 VISTA Team is a 45-member program designed around the Community Resilience Framework emphasizing capacity building in the areas of health and wellness, climate, energy, housing, economic development, disaster preparedness, and food access/sovereignty.

Two more VISTA Leader positions are now open with Ecolibrium3! VISTA Leaders need to have served one prior year as an AmeriCorps, PeaceCorps, or AmeriCorps VISTA member to serve as a VISTA Leader.

See our available positions at ecolibrium3.org/eco3vista

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