Photo of a person in a baseball cap caulking a basement window. Text overlay reads American Climate Corps in red and blue over vertical transparent white banner.

Eco3 Joins the American Climate Corps

Eco3 has been named an Implementing Partner of the American Climate Corps! This means many of our VISTA positions will be part of this historic program designed to address climate change.

Head shot of Charlie Danielson

New Staff Feature: Charlie Danielson

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Charlie Danielson. Charlie joins our staff as Farm Manager. He will be overseeing growing and programming at the Eco3 Urban Farm. Learn about Charlie and his role at Ecolibrium3!

Strengthening a Minnesota Community with Solar and Resilience

The Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) prepared this case study to describe how the community based organization, Ecolibrium3, developed a community solar array and resilience hub to benefit residents of a low-income, historically marginalized community in Duluth, MN. To create these two distinct projects Ecolibrium3 made use of stakeholder partnerships, technical assistance, and community outreach. This case study illustrates how these two projects were developed, what they learned, and what advice they would give to those developing future programs.

Three people smile at the camera in the afternoon sun.

End of Service for Three VISTA Members

Ecolibrium3 AmeriCorps VISTA members dedicate a year to serving their communities. Three amazing VISTAs started their year of service last February, and their time is wrapping up this month.

Head shot of Kevin Anderson II.

New Staff Feature: Kevin Anderson II

Kevin has extensive experience with community nonprofit work. In his role, Kevin will advance a new citizen-led environmental justice effort, and promote projects with a focus on equity.

Seven smiling people stand behind the counter in a commercial kitchen. Some are wearing t-shirts that say "Eco3 VISTA." On the counter there are breakfast foods laid out.

Eco3 VISTAs Participate in MLK Day Events

The National Day of Service is a time for VISTA members to come together for a common cause. This January, our VISTAs supported the NAACP Martin Luther King Day celebrations. See how our community marked this important day together.

Head shot of Angela Johnson

New Staff Feature: Angela Johnson

We are also welcoming Angela to our staff this month! Angela will support ongoing work in many different program areas, from community resilience to food systems.