Community Center Memories: Grade School

Did you know the Lincoln Park Community Center where Ecolibrium3 has its office used to be a school? We recently had a visitor, Robert, who was a former student of the elementary school that occupied the building 60 years ago! As he toured the building, Robert fondly looked back on the time he spent sitting in the rooms that were once his second grade classroom. In the building’s downstairs, he remembered the times he would line up for lunch time and walk through the corridor to the church next door where food was served. 

Robert shared that in the early mornings after the first snowfall, he would wake up with his brothers and race to school, a block away from their childhood home. The boys were eager to be the first kids to tromp through the snow on school grounds. They were excited to create the first paths through the snow, to and from the school doors. He recalled “the nuns would hear us kids hooting and hollering over here” and would shoo them home until it was closer to the start of the school day. 

Over the years, the Lincoln Park Community Center building has served many purposes. Currently, Ecolibrium3 is preparing to renovate the Community Center to be a place where people feel welcome to gather and make long lasting memories and connections once again.