Ecolibrium3’s Response to COVID-19

A statement from our director:

In 2012, Ecolibrium3 took a lead role in responding to regional floods that affected our community. We sat with families as they wept over their losses, we built strong partnership to develop the resources needed to rebuild, and we learned much about challenges and the power of community to overcome them. Our innovative approach and focus on our most vulnerable populations received White House recognition for building resilient communities.

COVID-19 is a new challenge facing our community and the world. We believe that this is the time that the best of our community will shine. Ecolibrium3 is committed to supporting our residents, businesses, and community.

Ecolibrium3 will be doing the following in face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. To support our healthcare system and lessen the transmission curve, we will be cancelling all face-to-face meetings in our Idea Hub (community conference room). We will continue to operate with virtual meetings as appropriate.
  2. We will continue to be open, however, most VISTA members and staff will be working remotely for the next few weeks.
  3. We will work with community partners to identify the needs of families in our community and apply our experience and resources to meeting those needs.
  4. Our Main Street Lincoln Park program will support our local businesses and artisans by determining needs and coordinating efforts to ensure sustainability of our businesses.

We recognize that being able to work remotely and give back to our community comes from a place of privilege. During this time, we will continue to work to address the systemic inequities and added challenges faced by those in our community.

We will be using our website and social media platforms to keep in touch. Please watch for ways in which you can support our community.

Thank you,

Jodi Slick

Jodi Slick, Ecolibrium3 CEO

Ecolibrium3 will apply our compassion and commitment to helping the community address COVID-19.