Interested in Becoming an AmeriCorps VISTA?

AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers expand the capacity of local organizations and government agencies to address intractable community issues. The Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps uses its depth of community knowledge to identify which levers will produce the largest impact on reducing poverty and building community resiliency, sustainability, and equity in Northeastern Minnesota. Learn more about our AmeriCorps VISTA program.

We will be accepting applications for the following positions until April 17, 2020*:

Community Outreach Coordinator VISTA, Duluth Art Institute
Public Health Opioid VISTA, St. Louis County Public Health
Resilient Housing Specialist VISTA, Ecolibrium3
Team Leader for Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps, Ecolibrium3

*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the start date for these positions have been tentatively rescheduled for May 11, 2020. We are monitoring the situation, and encourage people to reach out with questions.

Join a dynamic arts organization in revitalizing a low-income community. Grow skills in community outreach, communications, research, and technology as you build capacity to creatively address poverty.

The Duluth Art Institute (DAI) is a dynamic organization impacting the lives of community members through the arts, leadership training, and empowering low-income residents and residents of color to create healthy, active, sustainable neighborhoods and lives. DAI works with artists to expand economic success and youth to develop the next generation of community leaders. DAI engages in creative placemaking as a strategy to expand partnerships with private, non-profit and community sectors to strategically shape the physical and social character of our community. The DAI VISTA will support expanding capacity to engage the community, research best practices, and increase financial capacity for innovative programming. The selected member will also participate in the 24-member Ecolibrium3 VISTA cohort operating throughout northeastern Minnesota. Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps members build capacity in critical organizations that are advancing community resilience in the areas of housing, economic development, disaster preparedness, health and food access, and energy.

Member Duties:

  1. Build and maintain good relations with partners and stakeholders
  2. Expand capacity for fundraising and developing strategic relationships
  3. Develop a strong communications plan including press releases, brochures and other marketing materials
  4. Attend community outreach events which includes trade shows and other venues such as universities, clubs, and civic groups
  5. Conduct formal and informational presentations on behalf of the organization
  6. Collect data and information for strategic use such as collecting and analyzing data on local demographics. 

Experience in the use of institutional databases, public access sites, and primary research such as market research questionnaires would be an advantage. The coordinator is expected to analyze data and develop results and conclusions. Industry knowledge, statistical and technological skills, and the ability to communicate results clearly and efficiently to a varied audience are required.

Advance your interest in public health by building capacity to reduce the harm caused by opioids in northeastern MN. Work with county health officials and build strong partnerships.

St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services has taken the lead in addressing the opioid epidemic in northeastern Minnesota. With one of the highest rates of overdose and opioid related deaths, St. Louis County is working with multiple partners to create effective prevention models in rural and urban environments. The Opioid Reduction VISTA will work in close collaboration with public health, universities, regional alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention programs, and nonprofit community partners to reduce morbidity/mortality from the opioid crisis. The two main areas of focus for the Opioid Reduction VISTA are to expand efforts to collect and properly dispose of unused medication and to grow community education and awareness programs. Under the Statewide Health Improvement Program’s Opioid Pilot Project, the VISTA member will increase community education & awareness on proper disposal of unused medication through identifying rural community events to partner with Take Back Events, collaborating with St. Louis County Environmental Services, identifying pharmacies in northeastern St. Louis County to promote disposal, and by increasing the number of drop off locations. Member capacity building for community education will include, presenting to local organizations about substance abuse issues- prevention, intervention, harm reduction, treatment options, and recovery efforts being worked on through collaborative groups. Education activities may also include: developing a student summit for local colleges and universities, building continuing education for prescribers and providers, partnering with local high schools in curriculum and program implementation to prevent substance abuse, and creating positive social norms messaging

Member Duties : 

  1. Educate the public on unused medication disposal and develop an implementation plan for collection.
  2. Increase community awareness of how and why to use drop boxes.
  3. Develop and disseminate signs promoting drop box disposal use at pharmacies.
  4. Increase opportunities of unused medication disposal in rural St. Louis County Policy and Protocol Development
  5. Facilitate the completion of Naloxone Opioid Antagonist Protocols including attendance at Category 8 DHS State Targeted Response (STR) Grant Steering Committee meetings.
  6. Evaluation of community forum data- entering into spreadsheets and helping develop summaries.
  7. Research funding opportunities for community coalitions and assist in grant applications.
  8. Develop new and review existing planning and evaluation methods for future forums in St Louis and Carlton County
  9. Assist in conducting focus groups and assisting with data analysis.

Live, work and play along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN while helping neighborhoods combat household flooding with educational outreach and green infrastructure practices.

In collaboration with the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, Ecolibrium3 is working to help individual homes and neighborhood blocks in underserved communities become more resilient to flood events and reduce damaging impacts from extreme precipitation events and we need your help to do it! The Resilient Housing Development Specialist VISTA will conduct a landscape analysis within marginalized socio-economic neighborhoods of Duluth, Minnesota to identify the needs of these communities in developing rain ready and healthy housing, including identifying financial and resource needs, community partners, and knowledge gaps. The VISTA will seek additional funding opportunities through grants and/or community foundations to implement the critical next steps towards creating a neighborhood resilient to the impacts of flooding. Then the fun really starts! The VISTA will partner with community organizations and individuals to build capacity to implement the necessary next step(s) in preparing these neighborhoods to be rain ready and to increase their resilience to flooding. This capacity building will support educational campaigns, development and installation of community-based green infrastructure practices, and/or individual property assessments, training, and green/grey infrastructure installation. There will also be opportunities for professional development and networking through presentations and local and regional conferences and meetings. This collaboration is part of a larger partnership, known as the Great Lakes One Water Partnership (GLOW), which will offer guidance and support throughout the appointment. The overall mission of the GLOW partnership is to increase civic engagement, resilience awareness, and innovation capability for communities around the Great Lakes. Help us save homes and neighborhoods from climate change and flooding, while getting the opportunity to educate and talk with neighbors to improve resilience for future generations!

Member Duties:

  1. Draft and conduct assessment of neighborhoods in Duluth, MN regarding household flooding and the interests, capabilities, and needs to address these challenges
  2. Conduct community-wide meetings
  3. Establish and maintain collaborations with community organizations and individuals
  4. Apply for funding opportunities to fund project implementation
  5. Prioritize and scale actionable items based on capacity and funding
  6. Implement rain ready housing action items within a neighborhood of Duluth, MN
  7. Routinely report progress of actions to a community leadership team
  8. Present results of landscape analysis and project implementation at local and regional conferences/meetings, as applicable.

Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps is a dynamic program on the shores of Lake Superior. You’ll work with passionate individuals to build community resilience and develop coordinated anti-poverty strategies.

The Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps began in 2017 with ten members focused on expanding capacity of local organizations and government agencies to address intractable community issues. The program focuses on a holistic model of addressing poverty from various angles such as equity and inclusion, food access and systems, government policy, community development, education, and design and creative placemaking. In 2020, the Ecolibrium3 will have 24 members working with city government to build equity and health into community plans, nonprofits to advance neighborhood revitalization and economic success for residents, public health and tribes to combat opioids and hunger, and organizations to expand opportunities for youth. The Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps uses its depth of community knowledge to identify which levers may produce the largest impact on reducing poverty. We seek a VISTA Leader that can help develop the support resources needed for VISTA members to succeed in their positions, develop the Ecolibrium3 program to better serve the community, and is interested in directing their own special project for capacity development. The VISTA Leaders should have excellent communications skills, be flexible, be able to empathize with members and community representatives to identify issues and possible solutions, and be a strong ambassador for AmeriCorps. The Ecolibrium3 VISTA Leader will co-lead a cohort with one other VISTA Leader (position rotates in August) and will ensure strong individual support to members and the development of a cohesive cohort. The VISTA Leader will build upon their previous AmeriCorps experience to create a rewarding experience for themselves, their members, and our program sites.

Member Duties:

  1. Build the capacity of the Ecolibrium3 VISTA Corps members, program, and community project sites to lift people out of poverty
  2. Expand member skills
  3. Generate greater awareness of AmeriCorps programs
  4. Build stronger connections between AmeriCorps programs in northeastern MN and between the program and VISTA office and programs
  5. Develop personalized professional development plans for VISTA cohort members
  6. Arrange training and cooperative learning opportunities
  7. Coordinate with VISTA office and program manager
  8. Project manage a joint cohort project
  9. Lead development of community service days and awareness campaign
  10. Develop strategies and improve systems (e.g. communications, financial plan, reporting system, recruitment strategy, etc.) to support VISTA members and the E3 VISTA Corps program
  11. Develop special capacity building project to advance anti-poverty work in Duluth
  12. Serve as project manager for cohort collaborative project.

How to Apply or Get More Information:

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