Eco3 Energy Programs

Ecolibrium3 has its roots in energy work, including home energy audits, weatherization services, and more!

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Everyone in our community should be able to live in an energy-efficient home. Our programs offer energy efficiency services to all customers of Minnesota Power and Comfort Systems in Duluth, but give special assistance to households that cannot afford to keep their homes adequately warm at a reasonable cost. 
A home assessment is the first step towards making your home energy efficient,  improve your indoor air quality, and lower your utility bills. 

Home Assessments

Understanding your home’s energy use will allow you to maximize savings. An assessment provides insight into the energy use of your home and can help prioritize energy-saving improvements. The cost of an assessment can be offset by utility rebates and other incentives or free to those that meet income guidelines.

Home Energy Upgrades

We offer free home weatherization and air-sealing services to anyone in Duluth, including renters, who meets income guidelines. 

  1. Apply for a home assessment to understand your home’s energy use and determine top-priority improvements. 
  2. Complete the Income Qualification Application, making sure to attach proof of income statements. The form can be completed digitally or printed and mailed.
  3. Mail Application and Income Statements to Eco3. Be sure to complete all required information and attach copies of your most recent tax return and income documents. 
    Mailing Address:
    2014 West Third Street
    Duluth, MN 55806

Once approved, home energy upgrades will then be made by Ecolibrium3 staff, volunteers, or the homeowner as abilities allow. Home energy upgrades include air-sealing and weatherization, installation of energy saving products, and energy system upgrades.

New Construction Assessments

We provide home assessments that can be used to meet Minnesota residential code requirements. If building a new home, a new construction assessment can provide you and your building inspector with a detailed report of the tightness of your home. Minnesota residential code requires new construction homes to test at 3.0 ACH50 or less. The new construction assessment only includes a blower door test, and costs $150 per assessment.

Free Utility Bill Counseling

Take full advantage of community resources to save you money on your utility and energy bills. We can help you navigate options.

Have questions about our energy programs? Email us at or call our office at 218-336-1038.

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Interested in volunteering?

Your generosity will help our community thrive, in Lincoln Park and beyond. Sign up to volunteer to help provide weatherization assistance to low-income, elderly, disabled, and/or veteran homeowners. We’ll reach out to you when an opportunity arises! Vibrant small businesses, healthy residents, and green energy are good for all.

Find Out the Latest

Always stay up to date on our energy programs and work around the community!

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