Free Fuel Oil Transitions Now Available

[Note: We no longer have funding for free fuel oil conversions, but please contact us for free energy audits and to learn more about what current options are available.]

Are you still using residential fuel oil or propane to heat your home? Ecolibrim3 is now offering to help transition income-qualified households off of fuel oil and onto a cleaner, less expensive heating source for free! 

Residents of the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth have historically experienced high levels of energy burden. A household is considered “energy burdened” if the residents spend more than 5% of their annual income on utility bills. This is the result of several factors. One of which is the fact that 22% of the houses in the Census Track 156 (which includes most of Lincoln Park neighborhood) still use fuel oil or propane as their primary heating fuel. At roughly $4.9 a gallon (current prices may vary) this is not only very costly for the homeowner but the extraction and consumption of fuel oil is very detrimental to the environment and our natural resources.  

What’s wrong with fuel oil?

Fuel oil is expensive. At the current rate of $4.9/gallon a resident filling up their typical 275 gallon tank will have to pay over $1300 in upfront costs. During the cold winter months the average home will use around 5-10 gallons of fuel oil a day, meaning the tank will need to be refilled every 1-2 months in the winter, depending on the temperature and size of the house.

Fuel oil is also an environmental hazard. As a fossil fuel, its combustion contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, especially that of carbon dioxide. Residential fuel oil emits 22.46 lbs of CO2 emissions per gallon, 40% more per unit of heat than natural gas. A 275-gallon tank will emit 6176.5 lbs of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of nearly 7,000 miles driven by the average car. Fuel delivery to residential houses leads to more emissions and increases the chances of accidental spills and further negative environmental impacts.

How can we help?

  • Contact us! Send us an email ( or give us a call at (218) 336-1038
  • Complete an income verification form.
  • Receive your FREE home energy audit. 
  • If applicable, receive your FREE fuel oil conversion!

Contact us today and see if you qualify for a free fuel oil conversion!