Live Like a VISTA Campaign: One Year Later

The AmeriCorps Legacy House has been through a lot of work in the last year. If you’ll recall, Legacy House is an ongoing effort to renovate a condemned property in Lincoln Park into an affordable housing option for future generations of AmeriCorps VISTA members. In the fall of 2021, we got one step closer towards making this housing more livable when our partners at the Electricians Union and Sheet Metal Solutions began the process of installing electrical and plumbing in the building.

Also in fall of 2021, the Carpenter’s Training Institute installed siding on the front facade of Legacy House. This siding was generously donated by Intectural and was chosen to fit the industrial aesthetic of the building while giving it a modern update.

And, lastly, we need to give a special shout out to the Eco3 VISTA Cohort members who helped out with a Spring Clean-up last week! After a lot of organizing, some sanitizing and sweeping, and picking up a LOT of stray nails, we are ready for some new construction projects this summer!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Legacy House project through the years; this progress would not be possible without you. The work AmeriCorps VISTAs do is invaluable to the Duluth community, however they do all this amazing work on an annual allowance of only $14,960.40. In order to make the VISTA experience more accessible to those of a variety of economic backgrounds, Legacy House will be an affordable option that places our VISTA members directly into the community they serve. Please consider making a contribution to the Legacy House fund so we can complete restoration of this home for future community volunteers so they can continue to make our community a better place for all! And stay tuned for more updates in the future!