Growing Something Great: Lincoln Park Businesses Adopt Planters

One of our favorite parts of the Main Street Lincoln Park program is beautifying the neighborhood. In summer, one of the ways we do this is by sprucing up the public planters on Superior Street. After the snow melts, weeds often pop up in the planters and quickly overgrow the space. Putting in new plants improves the look and feel of the sidewalks in the Craft District. 

In order to keep the plants healthy and happy, we’ve asked for help from our neighbors. Alejandro, VISTA member at the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, did all the spring cleaning and planting. Local businesses have adopted the planters this year, agreeing to water and weed them throughout the summer. Lincoln Park business owners work every day to create a friendly, positive environment in the neighborhood; we couldn’t ask for better caretakers for these little gardens! 

Growing a garden—even a very small one—also promotes environmental sustainability. Flowers provide food for pollinators, and healthy plants not only clean our air but also create healthy soil. We have also planted strawberries in each planter, which we hope will provide occasional snacks throughout the summer. Lincoln Park residents, visitors, and customers are encouraged to watch how these tiny ecosystems grow and change over the next few months.

Come see the planters for yourself anytime this summer in Lincoln Park, where we’re always #CraftingSomethingGreat!