Main Street LNPK Adopt-A-Can Project

Ecolibrium3 VISTA Luke Viscusi pictured with Hungry Hippie Tacos Manager Casey Gillard.

Every thriving business district has trash and recycling to manage. Here in Lincoln Park, Ecolibrium3 and the Main Street Lincoln Park Design Committee addressed this environmental need to create a cleaner, more welcoming, and more sustainable district that both visitors and our business community are proud of. That’s why we collaborated with Lincoln Park businesses to create the Adopt-A-Can project!

The Adopt-A-Can project began in the Fall of 2020 in order to provide the Lincoln Park Craft District with garbage and recycling bins. Not only have the extra receptacles helped reduce litter, but the addition of the recycling option has initiated a conversation about having a two-stream waste option with city-provided cans as the community considers streetscape improvements along West Superior Street. WLSSD donated 13 cans, signage was created and donated by JS Print Group, and the City of the Duluth Parks and Recreation are donating the liners for the bins. Participating businesses maintain the cans and pay to dispose of the trash and recycling.

This project was coordinated by Ecolibrium3 and the Main Street Lincoln Park Design Committee. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Waste Management will be donating its service to pick up trash twice a week from ten garbage cans located in the Lincoln Park Business District. The program has also generated desire by more businesses who now want to join the program – a sure sign it was a positive move for the district. Thank you to all of the Lincoln Park organizations and business owners who pushed this endeavor forward for the past two years!