New Construction Energy Audits

Our Building Performance Institute certified Building Analyst is experienced in blower door testing of residential homes, and will provide you and your building inspector with a detailed report of the tightness of your home.  Minnesota residential code requires new construction residential homes to test at 3.0 ACH50 or less, in the event your home does not meet this requirement we can help to determine why with the use of the blower door and infrared imaging.  
We have 2 options for blower door testing new construction homes, First is $150 per blower door test with IR imaging if needed, we will work with the contractor to determine why the home hasn’t passed, but charge an additional $150 each time we come out to do a blower door test.   2nd option is the new construction envelope management plan that includes 3 site visits with IR imaging, and blower door testing as needed, cost is $600.

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