Pay It Forward PPE Project Engages Over 1,000 Volunteers, Produces 225,000 Face Shields

A partnership between Duluth-based nonprofit Ecolibrium3 and manufacturer Frost River, the Pay It Forward PPE Project manufactures and provides personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline workers while supporting community health and resilience. In order to supply our frontline workers and address enormous health disparities locally, the partnership engaged hundreds of community volunteers to assemble face shields and reinvests proceeds from PPE sales to community residents and organizations.  

The project has:

  • Produced over 225,000 face shields for frontline workers 
  • Distributed over 5,000 masks to community members vulnerable to the coronavirus
  • Recruited 50 groups and connected with over 1000 community volunteers
  • Is making over $50,000 in donations to a variety of charities in PPE proceeds 

Face shields are available to purchase at the Pay It Forward PPE webstore. Ecolibrium3 had made equity a priority in sales, with discounts available to organizations and businesses within northland Minnesota, as well as to purchases that serve historically marginalized populations. PPE in the form of face masks will continue to be donated to those in need as face shields are sold.

Family Rise Together volunteers spend an afternoon putting together face shields.