Our amazing volunteers assembled over 230,000 face shields! 

Thanks to all who participated in our efforts to protect frontline workers, support the health of our community, make donations to local nonprofits, and invest in community resilience. 


Ecolibrium3 called for volunteers to assemble Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a community collaboration that supports our local people, frontline workers, health systems, businesses, and nonprofits. Working with Lincoln Park manufacturer Frost River, Ecolibrium3 is using the proceeds from PPE sales to provide masks to community members, make donations to other local nonprofits, and invest in community resilience.

During each 4-hour volunteer session, 30 to 35 volunteers assembled about 6,000 face shields for use by frontline workers needing added protection from the coronavirus. Volunteers were provided with safety and assembly training,  a T-shirt and masks, and prizes purchased from our local businesses.

In true pay-it-forward style, each volunteer session will allow us to distribute 500 masks to community members and organizations and raise $1,000 for a volunteer-selected nonprofit partner.

Crafting for Community

Every 4-hour volunteer session will produce: 

  • 6,000 face-shields for frontline workers
  • 500 donated masks for community members
  • Up to $1,000 nonprofit donation
  • $1,000+ invested in small businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants will work at physically isolated stations, assembling face shields with an easy two-step process:

  1. Stick a piece of adhesive foam on a plastic shield.
  2. Staple an elastic band to each side of the shield.

Any of your business or organization’s volunteers.  Although strong physical distancing protocols will be followed, this is a great way to connect with your board members, employees, customers, donors, and volunteers that have been isolated from each other.  A health questionnaire and no-touch temperature check will be conducted of all volunteers on the day of their service.  Children over 13 may participate if accompanied by an adult.

This event will follow all guidelines from the CDC, MN Department of Health, and local health officials. The event has a complete COVID-19 Preparedness plan that includes:

In addition to a whole bunch of good feelings, volunteers will receive safety and face shield assembly training, a #CraftingForCommunity – Pay It Forward PPE T-shirt, a reusable face mask for the event that can be taken home, and a reusable grocery bag. We will also be giving out prizes from our local businesses!

YES! We welcome nonprofits and are excited about the opportunity to provide an easy fundraising event for you. The added benefit to a nonprofit organization choosing to fill a volunteer session is the ability to tell your COVID-19 story to your members, donors, and partners while raising $1,000 in a socially distanced, yet connected environment. Reaching out to fill your event volunteer slots is also a great time to ask for continued support from those that may not be able to participate in Pay It Forward PPE.

Participating in the Pay It Forward PPE project is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to community during this difficult time. Plus, it provides a ready-made, fun-filled, and socially-distant event that you can use to reconnect with those that matter most. Bring 30-35 of your employees, friends, customers, supporters, and partners together for community good.  Your efforts will also result in a $1,000 donation to the local charity of your choice and plenty of social media opportunities.

We’re open to making volunteering work for everyone! If you would like to participate as an individual or a small group, please contact us on the individual/small group form. We will try to match your group size and/or use you to fill in openings. Thank you for thinking of us!

Follow your passion and interests! This project is designed to help many important charities within  our community during difficult times.  We do ask that you strive to partner with a local organization and will ask you for contact information of the nonprofit so we can add them to your event listing and social media postings.

Ecolibrium3 is also happy to be your beneficiary with support that can be dedicated to operations, or specific Ecolibrium3 projects like weatherization for low-income families, the Lincoln Park Solar Garden, the AmeriCorps Legacy housing project, or Main Street Lincoln Park (to name a few).