Requesting Community Input for Grocery Plans

For years, Lincoln Park residents have indicated through surveys, focus groups, door-to-door canvasses, and public meetings that the number one need in the Lincoln Park neighborhood is a grocery store. Living far from a grocery store can make the simple act of shopping for food incredibly inconvenient. In many parts of the country, access to food can be a daily struggle. Unfortunately, the Lincoln Park neighborhood is no exception, earning it the label of a USDA food desert. Food deserts are areas where res­i­dents have few to no options for secur­ing afford­able and nutritious foods. Not only does this impact convenience, but living without a nearby grocery with food also has serious health implications for the community. 

To meet the needs of our neighborhood and increase food accessibility, we plan to implement a small scale grocery store. Thanks to the dedication of community members and the support of our food systems team, we are one step closer to making this dream a reality. The site for the  grocery store has already been chosen—it will be centrally located on West Superior Street adjacent to other bustling businesses. 

Yet, the grocery store isn’t a standalone project. It will fit into a broader plan that encompasses the Eco3 Urban farm and a planned community kitchen hub. This comprehensive approach aims to improve food access. Residents will be able to shop for groceries, get farm-fresh produce, and even take cooking classes, all within Lincoln Park.

We are fortunate to have grant funding to kickstart the process. This initial financial support will help us overcome the initial hurdles and set the grocery store project in motion. However,  there are still challenges to overcome. The grocery store will need to be convenient and cost effective, not just to serve residents well, but so the store can thrive and remain open for years to come. 

The success of this project depends on the active involvement of the Lincoln Park community. We have the funding, we have the building—now we need your input!  We have created a survey to receive resident feedback to ensure that the grocery store truly meets your needs and expectations. We are looking for your input on topics such as hours of operation, what goods to carry, and more. By taking a few minutes to complete our survey, you can actively contribute to shaping this project and ensuring that it meets the expectations of the community. Together, we can transform this food desert into a thriving hub of fresh, affordable, and healthy food options, improving the overall well-being of our neighborhood.