The Ecolibrium3 SUNraiser successfully reached its goal, with over 150 donors and participants!
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Our 2019 SUNraiser Challenge Champion Forecasters!

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Your donations allow Ecolibrium3 to help families struggling to pay their energy bills, support the development of the Lincoln Park Solar Garden, and revitalize the Lincoln Park neighborhood!


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Thanks to our SUNraiser Sponsors for their donations to the Lincoln Park Solar Garden!


Their contributions helped us support veterans and low-income families with renewable power!


The Lincoln Park
Solar Garden


The 40 kW array will power the Duluth Veterans’ Place and support an Emergency Energy Fund for low-income families.


SUNraiser Blog

SUNraiser Success!

On the June 21st summer solstice, Ecolibrium3 closed the 30-day SUNraiser, which raised money for the Lincoln Park Solar Garden. With over one hundred and fifty participants and donors, the Ecolibrium3 SUNraiser successfully reached its goal, while engaging the community in design and creative placemaking and gaining recognition for Duluth’s innovative approach to renewable power! Participants were encouraged to guess the weather as a part of the competitive SUNraiser Challenge! Participants also pledged for every sunny day between May 23 and June 21 (the summer solstice) while local business generously contributed to the project. After 30 days, we’ve had 16 […]

Veterans and the Lincoln Park Solar Garden

Duluth veterans working with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans will soon benefit from solar power. The Lincoln Park Solar Garden, a community renewable energy project organized by Ecolibrium3, will provide power to the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans, which works to functionally end veteran’s homelessness in Minnesota. The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans’ (MAC-V) is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting veterans find sustainable and permanent housing throughout Minnesota. In 2010, the MAC-V North founded the Duluth Veterans’ Place, a multi-use space that includes their services office and permanent and transitional housing units for veterans. The newly-developed solar project will […]

E3 Solar Garden Concept

We learned a lot from the community members, artists, architects, engineers, and business leaders that participated in the community design event. They told us we need to: 1.  Pay attention to different scales and pace of interactions (interstate-speed, human-scale). 2.  Let the site and topography guide placement- need to know scale, soils, water flow. 3.  Maximize solar production for the community benefit. 4.  Make it financially buildable on the funding timeframe (by end of year) by looking at simpler solar structures now and then look at how to augment the site/solar into the future. 5.  Create welcoming space with art/paths/plants/activity […]

Lincoln Park Solar Design Event: April 15, 2019

Ecolibrium3 hosted the Lincoln Park Solar Design event Monday night at Bent Paddle Brewing as the first stage of development for the Lincoln Park Solar Garden. Architects, artists, and community leaders, along with a few dreamers and schemers, gathered to imagine how the proposed solar array could be turned into a community asset at the entrance to Lincoln Park. With a beer in hand and plenty of playdough and pipe-cleaners, community members envisioned the empty lot along I-35 and West Michigan Street as a new amenity for play, recreation, and education. Some designs featured creative re-imagining of the solar array, […]

Community Design Event – April 15th

Ecolibrium3 will be constructing a 40 kW low-income solar array at the northeastern entrance to Lincoln Park to benefit the Duluth Veterans’ Place and residents facing utility shut-off. We need your help to make this project beautiful and life changing for our community! Calling artists, engineers,   tinkerers, visionaries,        busy-bodies, and cool-kids of all kinds. Join us for a fun-filled community-based design event where you will join creatives and community members in a    design challenge to craft ideas for Lincoln Park’s first solar garden. Dreamers and schemers will collaborate on crazy teams to develop potential designs. Come one, come all to […]