2022 Lincoln Park Solar Garden Year in Review

Let’s take a look at the 2022 Lincoln Park Solar Garden Year in review! Overall, we produced 53,194 Kilowatt hours this year with the highest monthly production being 7,232 Kilowatt hours in June. A standard 50 kW rapid EV charger would have charged the equivalent of about 636 cars in 2022 with the energy we produced! To maximize energy production, we tilted the solar panels in April and September. Finally, we were able to send a quarter (about $1,300) of the total money we earned from the produced energy to the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V) to support their efforts in ending veteran homelessness in Duluth. The rest (around $4,300) was placed into an Eco3 Energy Fund to help families make their homes more energy efficient.

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