Eco3 Equity Commitment

Ecolibrium3’s mission is to inspire and lead change in our community toward an equitable and sustainable future.

As an organization seated in social, environmental, and economic justice, Ecolibrium3 has used the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing as the basis for inclusion and non-discriminatory practices since 2015. These principles are:

  • Be Inclusive
  • Emphasize on Bottom-Up Organizing
  • Let People Speak for Themselves
  • Work Together in Solidarity and Mutuality
  • Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves
  • Commit to Self-Transformation

To operationalize the principles, we recognize the importance of specifically stating our intent, therefore:

  • Ecolibrium3 believes in the dignity of every human being. The value and importance of inclusion for people of all skin colors, religious beliefs, sexual identities, familial statuses, national origins, ages, disabilities, veteran statuses, and economic positions, is imperative to exercising that belief of dignity.
  • We commit to the continuation of designing and executing our programs with non-discriminatory practices.
  • Ecolibrium3 strives to, and will continue to improve upon, the inclusion of appropriate voices at the table when designing programs to better understand needs not only from a basic requirement, but also a cultural standpoint. It is always our aim to avoid unintentional negative consequences and uphold the dignity of those for whom we are advocating and assisting.
  • Ecolibrium3 will continue to be deliberate in our efforts of inclusion by asking, training, and seeking clarification where there is confusion regarding communities outside of our circle of knowledge.
  • We will remain transparent and authentic in our conversations with all members of our community.
  • Ecolibrium3 will advocate for inclusion within our circles of influence and where decisions about our community are being made.
  • Ecolibrium3 will strive to have an inclusive Board and staff, offering training opportunities to increase our organizational cultural competence.
  • We believe that the concept of “race” is a human-made social construct designed to separate us and do not recognize this construct except in those spaces where the requirement to report such information is specific to, and required for, grant application and reporting purposes.

Ecolibrium3 believes that inclusion is a continually transforming process and accepts that this statement is not a stand-alone action. We believe that as humans, we sometimes make mistakes, but we also believe it is necessary to learn from those mistakes and improve upon our actions – personally and organizationally – to lead us to the more equitable future stated in our mission. Aspirational does not mean static to us. It means to continue to strive, to do better for, and be better with the humans who live and work in our community.