Ecolibrium3 Aids in Fuel Oil Transition

Keeping your home heated throughout the winter is expensive. It’s even more expensive when your home is still on fuel oil, which can cost more than $3,000 over the winter. Sadly, this is the reality for over 20% of the homes in Lincoln Park. This is why Ecolibrium3 is helping low-income homeowners get off of fuel oil and transition to a cleaner, less expensive heating source. 

A Duluth community member and homeowner living right outside of Lincoln Park was one of the first homeowners we were able to help get off of fuel oil. With grant funds provided to us by the City of Duluth, this replacement that normally would have cost over $6,000 was able to be completed at no cost to the homeowner. In addition,  by switching to a cheaper fuel source this community member can expect to save over $2,000 on heating costs this coming winter. 

Jaeger Moser, our Energy Program AmeriCorps VISTA member, was in direct contact with the homeowner and helped her throughout the process. “Fuel oil is dirty and expensive and should be phased out completely. I’m glad we were able to help this particular homeowner save money and reduce her carbon footprint. Hopefully we will be able to help many others before winter.“

Thank you to our contractor Northstar Heating and Cooling for their help with this project!

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