New Staff Feature: Teresa Bertossi


Ecolibrium3 is excited to welcome a new staff member to our team, Teresa Bertossi. As our Director of Community Food Systems, Teresa will be supporting our food access programming. She will help manage the Eco3 farm, work on developing a grocery store in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and upgrade  the Lincoln Park Community Hub to support a community retail kitchen. 

Teresa has a B.A. in geography with an emphasis on conservation and a M.A. in geography with a concentration on natural resources analysis and environmental management. Teresa also earned her Doctorate in sustainability education with a research focus on economic and ecological justice in Lake Superior communities. Prior to Eco3, Teresa was an Assistant Professor and the Director of Education and Outreach for the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Land Lab sustainable agriculture project. Teresa has over 13 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental science, sustainability, geography, food systems, ecological economics, and community engaged learning curriculum for higher education. During her time at the University of Minnesota, Teresa researched farmer livelihood and healthy food priority areas (areas with limited access to healthy food like the Lincoln Park neighborhood.)

In addition to her academic experience, Teresa has 13 years of food systems, organic farming, community supported agriculture, and food access experience both in the Duluth area and farming in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Teresa has family roots in generational poverty, natural resource extraction, and a close relationship to the Lake Superior region. With strong ties to her environment and community, Teresa wants to contribute to equitable food access, poverty alleviation, and building a more just and sustainable future. From academic projects to hands-on farm experience, Teresa is passionate about aligning her work to support the needs of her community and providing a path forward to achieving food sovereignty. With Teresa on our team, Eco3 looks forward to improving food access in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and strengthening local healthy food systems.