GetGreen Duluth: A New Way to Live Sustainably

As we work together to build a community that is sustainable and equitable, it is important to work as individuals and as a community to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To make this process easier, Ecolibrium3 has formed a partnership with GetGreen and Grid Catalyst to lead the GetGreen Duluth app pilot project.

GetGreen is a mobile app that helps individuals make an impact on the climate crisis. The GetGreen Duluth pilot program expands the app to include actions from the Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan, aiding individual and collective action by providing sustainable options and alternatives to everyday tasks to create a daily habit of climate stewardship. The Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan is a citizen-led effort to inspire community-wide action to reduce Duluth’s greenhouse gas emissions and envision a future for Duluth that is sustainable and equitable

In the app, users can browse through actions, such as advocating for expansion of the Duluth Natural Areas Program, riding one of Duluth’s electric buses, and planting native species in your yard. When app users complete actions, they earn leaves representing the amount of carbon they have offset. The leaves then result in a direct investment in the Duluth community by supporting the Duluth Micromobility Hub in Lincoln Park

The Duluth Micromobility Hub – Lincoln Park will expand people-first transportation options in Duluth. Located at the Lincoln Park Community Hub, it will offer a variety of traditional bikes and e-bikes for check-out, along with unique mobility devices that can meet the needs of families, older individuals, and those with physical limitations. The Hub will expand transportation options for those who lack access as well as serve as a pilot test for increased shared mobility options in Duluth.