Home Energy Upgrades

We offer free home weatherization and air-sealing services to low-income and vulnerable families. Our program is available to anyone in Duluth, including renters, who meets these income guidelines. Once approved, home energy upgrades will then be made by Ecolibrium3 staff, volunteers, or the homeowner as abilities allow. Home energy upgrades include:

  • Air-sealing and weatherization
  • Installation of energy saving products
  • Energy system upgrades

To apply, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Apply for an Advanced
Home Energy Audit

First, apply for an Advanced Home Energy Audit to understand your home’s energy use and determine top-priority improvements.

2. Complete Income Qualification Application

Next, print and complete the Income Qualification Application, making sure to attach proof of income statements.

3. Mail Application and Income Statements to Eco3

Be sure to complete all required information and attach copies of your most recent tax return and income documents.

Income Guidelines

Family Size Annual Net Income Limit
1 $43,050
2 $49,200
3 $55,350
4 $61,450
5 $66,400
6 $71,300
7 $76,200
8 $81,150