Is Your Home Leaky?

With the onset of cold weather you might notice the drafts and colds spots in your home more than ever. Sealing up these air intrusions can be one of the most cost effective ways to save you money this fall and with relative ease! Locating air leaks is the first step to keeping you warm this winter, here is a list of the most common air leaks around your home.


Some of the biggest problems spot can be your windows and doors, but these are some of the easiest to fix! The air drafting in at these spots can create cold spots and drafts and even effect the function of your thermostat causing your heat to be on at unnecessary times. Whether you want to plastic wrap your windows or install a piece of weather stripping around your door Ecolibrium3 can help you make the best decision for your home.

Need help on what to do next? 

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  • Visit Marshall Hardware in Lakeside for 10% off your weatherization needs when mentioning Eco3 and Weatherization month