Leaving a Legacy

AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers stand in front of Legacy House Building before reconstruction.

Ecolibrium3 is currently working with community partners to help revitalize the Lincoln Park neighborhood, including addressing the issue of affordable housing. In 2017 a condemned home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, dubbed the Legacy House, was donated to Ecolibrium3 to be redeveloped into an affordable co-housing model. The Legacy House will showcase a universal design for full accessibility and model sustainable energy practices that can make old buildings more eco-friendly. 

In Duluth, there is a shortage of affordable housing options. Luckily, it is actually more cost effective to breathe life into existing infrastructure than start from scratch, and the Lincoln Park neighborhood has a number of blighted buildings with potential. We hope the actions we take to improve the Legacy House serve as a model for other condemned house owners and community partners to improve their property.

Ways to get involved: AmeriCorps VISTA members and Ecolibrium3 staff work on Legacy House revitalization projects as our schedule allows. We invite you to assist with the Legacy House Project in a variety of ways including volunteering skilled labor, donating supplies or materials for the event, or pledging financial support for the project. Please contact us to get involved.