Energy-Saving Tips To Make Your Day Electric

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we have some energy-saving tips that are sure to make anyone’s day electric!

1. Brighten up your love life with energy-efficient LED light bulbs!

LED bulbs are up to 10 times more efficient than comparable incandescent bulbs and 35% more efficient than comparable Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. LEDs will last longer, too. They’ve been shown to last 15-25 years, which is up to 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs and longer than some relationships! So, consider buying LEDs and keep the electricity flowing for years to come. Many LED bulbs offer a range of brightness and color, styles for any type of lamp or fixture, and smart-home integration so they will be sure to fit all your needs. To heat up your Valentine’s holiday and take energy savings to the next level, you can turn the lights out and cozy up for a romantic and energy efficient evening.

2. Service your systems!

Maintaining your heating system during the cold winter months is important for keeping heating costs down. Schedule a date with a trusted professional to take a look at your system to make sure it is functioning properly. If you have a furnace, filters should be changed every one to three months depending on the size of the home, if any residents have respiratory problems or allergies, or there are pets in the home, etc. 

3. Keep the heat indoors!

If sharing a cozy blanket isn’t enough to keep you warm—schedule a home energy audit with Ecolibrium3 and our certified Energy Auditor can tell you exactly where your house is losing heat and how to fix it. You will be provided with an energy audit report that will give recommendations on improvements that can increase your home’s overall efficiency. Whether it’s adding insulation to the walls and/or attic, installing door sweeps, or upgrading your old furnace, we want to help you (and your wallet) be more comfortable. 

Happy V-Day