New Staff Feature: Charlie Danielson

Person thoughtfully inspects a potted plant
Head shot of Charlie Danielson

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome our newest staff member, Charlie Danielson. Charlie joins our staff as Farm Manager. In this role, Charlie will oversee operations and programming at the Eco3 Urban Farm, including growing and production, restorative agricultural practices, educational events for all ages, community building through growing food, and developing the Farm site to be accessible to all. 

Charlie has been a farmer prior to this role. He has also helped design farming systems for other farms and gardens in the area with a focus on infrastructure and soil building. For over a decade he has worked with local Farm-to-School initiatives, food access organizations, and local businesses to promote and support local food sources for those that need it most. Charlie is already familiar with the Eco3 Urban Farm site thanks to the development work he completed when he worked with the Eco-Entrepreneurship program at Lake Superior College. 

Charlie loves spending time observing nature. He fosters the curiosity of his inner child by exploring how the world works and sharing that passion with his daughter. Welcome, Charlie!