New Staff Feature: Hannah Burmeister

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome a new staff member, Hannah Burmeister! Hannah joins our staff as Energy Navigator and Office Administration Specialist. In this role, she will assist community residents through all steps of the home energy assessment process and handle scheduling coordination for the Energy Team. Additionally, she will provide general administration support for ongoing programs and projects within the organization. Hannah is excited to help the energy program grow, help optimize work systems, and help reach more community residents. 

With over a decade of customer service experience, Hannah has worked in the industries of food service, hospitality, event planning, and mental health coordination. She also has experience in corporate retail merchandising, where she developed strong data analysis, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. With this diverse background, Hannah has become an expert in meeting each individual where they are at, always having a listening ear, and providing stellar customer service.  

Hannah received B.A. in Psychology, where she primarily focused on developmental and educational psychology, but she also examined the effects that environment, health, and socioeconomic factors have on someone’s well-being. She has always been a student at heart, and always enjoys learning something new. Now, she is thrilled to use her skills and experience to serve community members through the lenses of environment and equity. 

Hannah grew up taking family trips to Duluth in the summertime and feels so lucky to now call Duluth home. In her free time, she enjoys painting, cooking, spending time at Duluth’s small businesses, and hiking up the North Shore with her partner and their puppy. Welcome Hannah!