New Staff Feature: Kevin Anderson II

Man poses in front of a large window, looking off to our right. Out the window we see construction and buildings.
Head shot of Kevin Anderson II.

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome a new staff member, Kevin Anderson II. Kevin joins our staff as Environmental Justice and Special Projects Developer. In this role, Kevin will support all areas of Ecolibrium3, advance a new citizen-led environmental justice effort, and promote projects with a focus on equity. 

Kevin is originally from Oakland, CA, and the former Executive Director of the Family Freedom Center in Duluth, MN, where he planned, organized, and executed community outreach events that engaged community members in voter registration, food sovereignty and urban farming, COVID response, and financial literacy. He was instrumental in the creation, design, and implementation of Freedom Farms, specifically the Hillside location. Kevin is experienced in developing new community programming designed to address environmental justice disparities and access issues for the American-Black community in Duluth. As a leader in the community, Kevin brings fifteen years of organizing, coaching, and diversity and equity training experience to Ecolibrium3. 

Kevin has lived in Duluth four different times, and over the years he has built a strong connection and appreciation for the Northland. Outside of work, Kevin is also a homestead farmer. He is also developing a project called Duluthish, a brand that promotes local pride and ownership for all living in Duluth. Duluthish aims to support all the things that make Duluth special, like the natural environment, the iconic landmarks, and most of all, the diversity of people. Kevin hopes Duluthish will capture the history and future of the city he keeps coming back to. 

Kevin’s love for Duluth and its people make him a great fit for this new role, and we are glad to have him join our staff. Welcome, Kevin!