New Staff Feature: Olivia Kinsley

Person sits at a desk, working on a computer.
Head shot of Olivia Kinsley.

Ecolibrium3 is pleased to welcome its newest staff member, Olivia Kinsley. Olivia joins our staff as the Administrative Assistant supporting our Energy program. In this role, Olivia will streamline booking and scheduling of audit customers and help audit customers access financial support. As our Energy program has grown over the years, we have more audits to complete, reports to finish, and paperwork to file, in addition to promoting energy efficiency city-wide and creating educational materials. Olivia is an expert in meeting customer needs and optimizing work systems. She will help us reach more community members, provide useful resources, and ensure we can continue providing our services for years to come.

Olivia began working in administration as an intern in 2004. She has experience in many different fields, including retail, technology, education, hospitality, and nonprofits. She even worked for a major airline! Olivia loves the challenge of assisting an organization or business to streamline processes and work more efficiently. 

Outside of work, Olivia enjoys camping and being near the water; in fact, Lake Superior is part of what drew her to Duluth. She is also an avid football and hockey fan, and enjoys true crime stories.