October is Energy Awareness Month

On October 6, 2021, a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities and others showcased the benefits of energy efficiency during the 6th annual nationwide Energy Efficiency Day. 

We are happy to announce that this year the City of Duluth joined this network as our Mayor, Emily Larson, has officially proclaimed October 6, 2021 as Energy Efficiency Day! 

October also commences Energy Awareness Month, a time in which the federal government leads by example by providing money, resources, and information in order to expand energy management, building optimization, energy resilience, and energy efficient technologies throughout the U.S. 

The City of Duluth is implementing energy efficiency and clean energy policies and programs within the community. The City is well on its way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in 2050 as a part of the Imagine Duluth 2035 Comprehensive Plan. Duluth’s Sustainability Department in collaboration with their Energy Team plan to reach this goal by focusing their efforts towards:

  • Energy conservation
  • Renewable energy implementation
  • Adapting our infrastructure to our changing climate
  • Supporting multi-modal transportation
  • Care of natural areas and open spaces

As a Duluth resident you can celebrate Energy Awareness Month by participating in one of our energy programs! Ecolibrium3 provides free home energy audits to households throughout Duluth. For those who qualify according to HUDs Income Guidelines, we also perform free weatherization, air sealing, and heating system upgrades. Contact us and we will help you reduce your energy use and lower your utility bills!