This Eco3 Earth Week, Take Climate Action!

Earth Day is our favorite day of the year here at Ecolibrium3 and this year we are making a whole week out of it in our first annual Earth Week celebration! But celebrating sustainability and environmental stewardship does not have to be just one day or one week in April. Here at Eco3, we are striving to be environmentally friendly every day of the year and we hope you’ll join us by taking action through the Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan.

The Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan is a citizen-led effort to reduce the city’s carbon footprint through learning and collective action that will enable us to transition our lifestyles and city to be more sustainable, climate resilient and equitable. This upcoming Earth Week, we challenge you to educate yourself on the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in our city and how we can all help reduce those emissions. Together we can reach the goal of reducing our community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by over 2 million tons, or 25 tons per citizen!  

Below we have highlighted just a few specific actions from the plan that you can take today to reduce your carbon footprint! 

  1. Start composting with The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District! The WLSSD composting program has several food waste drop sites for all food materials, including meat and dairy scraps. The WLSSD facility also provides yard waste composting at their facility. Compostable bags are available at area stores. 
  2. Daily transportation produces a significant amount of the GHG emissions in Duluth and so driving less can make a big difference! Instead of driving, try walking or biking when possible, using public transit, or carpooling with friends. Check out some other tips here!
  3. Energy production is one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Assess your household’s electricity use and take steps to reduce it today! 
  4. Add increasing your home’s energy efficiency to your Spring cleaning list and you could save a buck while also reducing your carbon footprint!

Explore the entire Duluth Citizens’ Climate Action Plan for more ways to reduce your carbon footprint and learn about local community initiatives that are already happening to address our rising levels of greenhouse gas emissions.