UberHealth Vaccine Access Program

Need a COVID-19 vaccine? Want some COVID-19 vaccine info? Live in the Duluth/Superior area?

We are offering free rides with the UberHealth Vaccine Access program! The UberHealth Vaccine Access program is a free service from Ecolibrium3, LISC, and Uber to provide rides to and from places where Covid-19 vaccinations and information about the Covid-19 vaccination is available. Locations include hospitals, pharmacies, and events where Covid-19 vaccines and information are available. Give Ecolibrium3 a call and we can set you up with a ride to one of the locations available to you!

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Ride eligibility is subject to Uber availability, and children need to be accompanied by an adult. Call Ecolibrium3 at 218-336-1038 to set up a ride or get more information. 

Note: As of 2022, this program is no longer active.