Staff Feature: Welcome Phil and Cameron!

Phil, a cheery older gentleman, smiles next to Cameron, a cheery younger gentleman.

This fall, we are thrilled to be welcoming two former VISTAs to the Ecolibrium3 staff: Phil and Cameron. They both completed their years of service in August. By joining our staff, they will continue their excellent work in the community. We are very happy that they will both remain in our office! 

Phil Duket has previously been serving as a VISTA leader. Leaders are employed by AmeriCorps to manage and support VISTA members during their service. Phil is excellent at making personal connections and keeping track of everyone’s goals. He always makes sure that our VISTA members are taken care of. Phil is now going to be joining the Ecolibrium3 staff as a VISTA Program Coordinator. In this role, Phil will be supervising VISTA Leaders and overseeing the VISTA program. This is another chapter in Phil’s time with AmeriCorps— read more about his journey here.

Cameron Kadlubowski has been serving as our Climate and Energy VISTA for the past year. In this role, Cameron has been developing his expertise in home energy efficiency. He is also guiding our work preparing for federal and state tax incentives. He will be continuing at Ecolibrium3 as the Community Energy Transition Specialist. He will be working on becoming a fully certified energy auditor and continuing his support of the overall program. Cameron has been a valuable part of our Energy team, and we are so glad he is joining our staff!

Both Cameron and Phil have done excellent work this year. We feel very lucky to be keeping them in the office. Welcome Phil and Cameron!