Lincoln Park Art Walk

Lincoln Park's Public Art Gallery

In 2015, the Lincoln Park business corridors consisted mainly of light manufacturing, a few long-time businesses, a couple of new kids on the block business-wise and a whole lot of empty storefronts. The walkable infrastructure constructed in the 1980’s was still in place, but bench seats were splintering, planters were cracking and weedy, tree grates were empty, and the garbage cans faded and rusty. The small park area at the corner of Superior Street and 19th Avenue West had broken light bollards, an overgrown daylily bed, dark corners, and ash trees that had contracted Emerald Ash Borer. Despite the condition of the public infrastructure, there was beginning to be a lot of energy and excitement about the future direction of Lincoln Park businesses and what the commercial corridors could look like. 

Today, the area that has come to be known as the Lincoln Park Craft District is full of life with new businesses and investment in buildings that had once been written off as “not worth it”.  And amid this change, an art movement has been quietly taking place. Bare walls and struggling streetscapes are being replaced with murals of all kinds, influencing folks who visit our neighborhood as well as the interiors and façades of the businesses that now call Lincoln Park home.

Murals are a good example of generosity. Anybody can appreciate them in their backyard for free.” 

– Artist Shawna Gilmore

The Lincoln Park murals have fast become a point of interest for visitors to and residents of Duluth. With the rapid changes in this area, one of the murals has already been painted over and another one on a building façade was demolished in 2022. The history in the making is already being erased and Main Street Lincoln Park recognizes the need to record this unique moment in the history of our neighborhood. It is the intent of Main Street Lincoln Park’s Lincoln Park Art Walk project to gather the stories of how each of the murals came to be, what and who are behind each of the pieces, and share it with you.  

Below, you will find a timeline of the mural history. Clicking on the links below each mural photo will take you to  the story surrounding that piece. Over time, it is the goal of the Lincoln Park Art Walk Project to also include a self-guided walking tour. If you wish to support this effort and/or contribute to the next public art project or the work of Main Street Lincoln Park, you can do so here.

Thank you to the following people and organizations who have provided the information, assistance, and financial support needed to make this project a reality.  Your generosity with your time, talents, and resources are deeply appreciated:

Northern Trends Building & Design
Rethos: Places Reimagined
William Hurst Photography

Liz Axberg
Chris Benson
Sarah Brokke
Michelle Waabanangagokwe Defoe
Annie Dugan
Shawna Gilmore
Tom Hanson
David Hoole
Eric Horn
Ann Klefstad
Rick Kollath

Paul LaJeunesse
Mollie Maxine
Stephanie Nielsen
Heather Olson
Stephanie Olson
Matt Perkins
Beth Petrowske
Karen Sunderman
Adam Swanson
Jonathan Thunder
Chrissy Valento
Moira (Miri) Villiard
Aurora Webster
Nicole Wilde
Luke Viscusi
Ken Zakovich

Timeline & Art History

Some individual art pages are under construction - coming soon!

Click the link below each image to learn the story behind the art, see photos and more. 

July 2017
Lincoln Park Craft District
October 2017
Big Rabbit and the Wolves
May 2018
The Current

Artist: @skatradioh

Learn more - The Current

May 2018
Unnamed - Lincoln Park Middle School

Artists: Jonathan Thunder & Lincoln Park Middle School students (LPMS).

Learn more - Unnamed

June 2018

Artist: Jonathan Thunder

Learn more - Metaphor

June 2018
Unnamed - Corktown Deli & Brews

Artist: Stephanie Olson

Learn more - Unnamed

July 2018
Snowy Owl

Artist: Adam Swanson

Learn more - Snowy Owl

July 2018
Made Here. Shipped Everywhere.
May 2019
Unnamed - Love Creamery

Artist: Shawna Gilmore

Learn more - Unnamed

October 2019
Boathouse Treats and Treasures
September 2020
Aanjibimaadiziwag Manidoonsag
June 2021
The Old Man and the Lake
September 2021
Water Science Manoomin
October 2021
Unnamed - Spoon's

Artist: Eric Horn

Learn more - Unnamed

November 2021
Unnamed - Lincoln Park Community Center

Artist: Nelia Harper

Learn more - Unnamed