Unnamed – Spoon’s

Photo: William Hurst


Eric Horn - October 2021​

The mural on Coach’s has a history going back a few decades. Solomon Witherspoon, the owner of Spoon’s (the previous business at this location), made some friends who would eventually put a spectacular mural on the long, plain, eastern wall easily viewed by Superior Street.

When Solomon Witherspoon opened Spoon’s, a friend from Junior High who does street art by the name of Senoe instigated some color on the exterior of Witherspoon’s new establishment. Along with artist Eric Horn, they approached Witherspoon, agreed on a color base of blues, oranges, and yellows, and went to town. They were given the freedom to create imagery that would illustrate the vibe Spoon’s was trying to create and left him with the statement, “You’ll just have to wait and see”. Horn, who had done the Duluth landmark murals in the interior, was interested in working with Senoe along with street artists Kidny, Mesek, and Gruve  to learn new techniques. The street art crew created the background using Montana spray paint, and Horn did the more detailed images with outdoor paint, all applied directly to the wall after initial priming. The piece was finished with a musician, the name “Spoon’s” in the upper left corner, and several Easter eggs specific to this group of artists sprinkled throughout the piece.

Due to the business name change to Coach’s, the name Spoon’s has been covered, but the majority of the colorful piece remains. Horn says it was a great experience overall and shared that one of his favorite memories was when a college art class came by to observe and ended up being gifted with stickers from Gruve. With this mural under his belt, he’s itching to do more, possibly experimenting with some cold weather outdoor paint. We hope they do. 

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Photos: William Hurst, Eric Horn

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Mural Location

Spoon’s Bar & Grill, 2113 W Superior St (wall facing parking lot)