Upgrades at Legacy House Improves Infrastructure

Patrick smiles wide posing with finished fundraising game- two toilet seats attached to plywood.
Who is excited about sewers? Eco3 is! Staff member Patrick created a game complete with toilet seats for Sidewalk Days to raise funds for the Legacy House sewer replacement, which is now complete.

Ecolibrium3 is committed to improving infrastructure for community benefit. For example, we are working with One Block at a Time and the City of Duluth to incorporate Green Infrastructure principles into local projects. Green Infrastructure improves stormwater runoff in roads, sidewalks, and drains by mimicking natural systems. Preventing sewer and stormwater overflows and investing in good sanitary infrastructure is important in our homes and throughout our community. Another project that incorporates these principles is Legacy House.

Legacy House will be a home for community volunteers serving with the Eco3 VISTA program. Though currently condemned, once it is completed Legacy House will add units of affordable housing into the community, enhance the anti-poverty and capacity building efforts of Eco3 VISTA members, and transform existing infrastructure from neighborhood blight into a community asset. Past progress has included updating stairs and framing, building the deck, and installing new windows and doors. Now, we are excited to announce that storm and wastewater improvements are complete at Legacy House.

Finished sewer cap poking out of Legacy House backyard.
Upgrades are complete! While a sewer is difficult to see from the surface, here is the sewer clean out in the backyard of Legacy House and the sump pump exiting the building.

This summer multiple aspects of water management have been addressed at Legacy House. The old clay tile sewer has been lined so it is now fully compliant, meaning that the sewer connects to the City’s sewer system, where it is treated before being discharged into Lake Superior and the St. Louis River. It is critical that no sewage leaks in this process. The new lining ensures sewage will be transported properly. 

The completion of these projects was only possible thanks to our Legacy House partners and supporters:

We appreciate your work and generosity!

Outside view of Legacy House backyard, showing tubing and tools used for sewer installation.
126 feet of clay tile sewer at Legacy House has been lined by Northland Lining to ensure the building has a full compliant and working sewer.
View of sewer opening inside basement of Legacy house, a small nondescript pipe in a concrete floor.
Sewer clean out and lining equipment at Legacy when the sewer was in the process of being lined.

It truly takes a community to ensure local water quality remains high for the wellbeing of our families, our environment, and our neighbors in the community.  Individuals can make a difference by examining their home’s storm and wastewater infrastructure, making necessary improvements to ensure both kinds of water are managed properly, and ensuring only wastewater (and toilet paper) enter the sewer system. 

We can all help keep Duluth’s water clean. Learn more on WLSSD’s wastewater webpages and explore grant-funded opportunities to assist with inflow and infiltration improvements at your home. If you have questions about storm or waste water management at your house or Legacy, contact Eco3 and we will be happy to chat or refer you.