Bimaaji’idiwin Ojibwe Garden Program

The Bimaaji’idiwin Ojibwe Garden Program is a program developed by the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in partnership with Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, University of Minnesota Extension Service, and the United States Department of Agriculture. In English Bimaaji’idiwin Ojibwe translates as “saving each others’ lives.” The Bimaaji’idiwin Ojibwe garden is a research and demonstration project aimed at preserving and promoting traditional Ojibwe cropping systems, as well as educating the greater community about contemporary strategies for organic food and medicinal plant production.

The garden maintains a collection of Anishinaabe and Native American heirloom crop seeds through a miinikaanag agindaasoowigamig (seed library). It is also an inviting open space where elders come to visit, sit, and learn about new gardening skills all the while providing food for feast days or other events.

The garden provides over 300 pounds of produce to the community’s Elderly Nutrition Program, Ojibwe School Lunch Program, Fond du Lac Summer Lunch Program, Age-to-Age Camp, and the Gitigaan Feast. The project also includes a demonstration garden, hands-on gardening lessons and workshops, seasonal outlooks, and garden interns.

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