Imagine a Clean Energy Future

Think forward to 2035. What do you imagine for Duluth’s future? Do you imagine clean energy is possible? Holding a vision for a clean energy future can help draw us to that future we desire. 

In his book Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges, MIT professor Otto Scharmer speaks to the importance of the patterns and interactions that influence our behavior. In his view, these patterns form a social field, and the future we create arises out of the social field we operate from. In other words, we influence the future of the social field by the way it emerges through our conscious choices. If we envision a clean energy future, we pull our social patterns in that direction. This is what he calls “leading from the emerging future.” 

What role do you have in helping our community move towards a clean energy future? The first step is imagining it is possible and acting accordingly.

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